We had a great turn out for our drive and dine  on Monday, October 17 at County Line Restaurant.  We had approximately 30 members present.  The TVV Car Club officers will be ending their terms at the end of this year.  We need to elect a President, Vice President and Treasurer.    We need to have a serious talk at our next meeting on November 21, 2022 at Truman Rec Center regarding the future of our club.  This has now become a serious matter and we must make a decision at our November meeting as to the future of our club.    

Alan Carey has been in touch with the organizers of the Field of Dreams Car Show in Brooksville on November 19th/20th.  If there is anyone interested in going as a group, let Alan Carey  know ASAP.  They will give us an area to park together as a club.  Alans  number is 717-451-3567.

We are doing another drive and dine  on Monday,  November 14th.  It is being hosted by club member Kenny Lohr.  Please call him direct at 631-774-6931,    It will be at Combat Cafe,  831 Central Avenue, Umitilla.  We are meeting at Rohan Rec Center at 10:45.  Please call ASAP so Kenny has a head county.  

November 14 – Drive and Dine  – Combat Cafe

November 19 – Cruise inn at Spanish Springs

November 19/20 – Field of Dreams Car Show, Brooksville, Fl.

November 21 – TVV Car Club meeting at Truman Rec Center.           All members please attend this very important meeting. 

Thank you.