Trunk’N Treat

HPIM0455The trunks went up and kids came out . It was a spooktacular event.  More like a marathon.  The  crowds were HUGE. In addition to the candy provided by club members  additional candy that was collected by The Villages at the regional Rec Centers was delivered to the 25 cars by a 4 wheel wagon.  Somewhere in excess of ten wagon loads delivered to each car.  It was nonstop from 3pm to 7pm when the supply was exhausted.  So were all the club members. Everyone worked / played until they could no longer stand.HPIM0458

As the evening went on the club members were entertained by Witches, tall people, clowns, and adults that went all out on their costumes.  Not sure if you could have fit anyone else on to the streets of Brownwood.

The cars were judged by the Villages staff and awards  were handed out.  Two Goulash looking children Zack and CJ helped distribute the awards.  Additional pictures of the award winners are on the recent photos page.  What a fun event.HPIM0468

Trip to Winery and Dining out

Music, Cars , Wine and Dining what could be better.  Members had a great time at the Lakeridge Winery show this year as usual.  Great Music and a tour of the winery.  Then on to Angelo’s Restaurant for what has become an annual event.  A great time was had and lots of fun and Food.

Sumter Landings “night of cars and fun”

What a Show when 50 plus cars from The Villages Vintage Car ClubSumter Landing 10-2-15 invaded Sumter Landings for our annual car show.   It was a very good night for our club and a lot of interest in us and what we are about.  Thanks go to the members for staying even in the mist.



Video is available at the recent video page <–click here

So here we go on the next fun events.  The Lakeridge Winery show and then on to the Ocala Pumpkin Run and we will see you there.